Friday, February 11, 2011

Weekly Musings: Filofax Love and Surrealist Weather

Filofax Love: Oh my god, I've become obsessed and the thing hasn't even arrived yet! Seeing the wonderful Luinae's post on her own filofax and the numerous others raving about them, I muscled down and decided to buy my own. Personal Domino in Red, and once I get used to having it around and work out my own system, I'll be doing a post on it, that you can be sure of! I've bought so many nifty little paper accessories and sticky notes and I cannot WAIT to use it!

Surreal Weather: This one may not make much sense but where I live, the skies are so open and just vast, so we have the most beautiful view for clouds and weather imaginable. So the other day I happened to look out my window as the sun was setting and the light was reflecting so that the clouds were dark and grey, while the sky was a beautiful pumpkin-y orange. But it was odd because it looked like nature had inverted it's colors, so it was strange and striking at the same time. And also, when it snows here, where I live so close to the ocean, as the snow falls harder the horizon blurs and you kind of lose your sense of where the water actually is because the fog and snow make the break water look like the edge of cliff. Surreal indeed.

Doing Better In School: This one's mundane but really, when I got my report card back I saw that I had either stayed the same in all my subject or brought them up by like, 3 marks. Made.My.Day. I've also been trying to be more social and less worried about what people think, and so far I've been doing good. Still can't wait to graduate and find the "real" cool people out there but, but for, I think I've got the have the patience to wait. 

Honorable Mentions: Going from a 78 to 81 in math in two months. Oh my god. ♥ More skirts and dresses. ♥ Compliments on my outfits "You look like that lady from 101 Dalmatians! OH! Oh! Cruella Devil! THAT's who you look like!" WIN.  3-4 cups of Green Tea a day.  This Dress. AND this Bag. Want. ♥ $50.00 for Perfect Attendance. Easiest award ever. ♥ Re-constructing my vintage jewelery ♥ Greyhounds, the ONLY dog I will ever like. ♥ Rambling about Alfred Hitchcock in Biology with my awesome teacher, and watching the stunned look on my classmates faces as they missed yet another one of my "real" cultural references. ♥ Karen Elson's music; but she is the wife of Jack White so this is to be expected! :D ♥ Art class and sketchbook, ahhh lovely. ♥ Burt's Bee's Mint Chapstick. ♥ Waffles with strawberry yogurt.  My family, they're freakin' awesome. ♥ Al Pacino + Robert De Niro <3 ♥ Twitter, and all it's cool people!  Victorian Esque heels and stripey socks. ♥  The trailer for "Sucker Punch", makes me want to dye my hair platinum blond, glue on some false eyelashes and dress like a 50's children's doll. ♥ Planning for my concert in May! :D ♥ Sketches of Tim Burton esque characters. ♥ Tom Waits. ♥ And, drama practice, the play is intense but hey, I'm a dramatic person. ;)

So, what's your week been like? 


  1. Intense jealousy over your filofax. I wanted to get one, but it was too expensive (not that my Moleskine planner was cheap or anything, but I couldn't bring myself to fork over $35+ :[[ ) Anyway, intense, intense jealousy. :]

    XO Michelle

  2. I actually happened to get this as a birthday present from one of my brothers. But I'm paying for most of my inserts anyway, but the way I see it is I'll pay for something quality that will last me awhile and won't need to be replaced by another smaller notebook.


  3. Looks like you've been having a great week, and I cannot wait to see how you organize your filofax, 'cuz I'm nosy like that!

  4. What an amazing week! I've been trying to improve in school as well as care less what others think.. And I can't wait to get my hands on a filofax eventually! Best of luck!


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