Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Establishing A Morning Routine

Ahh mornings, the bane of many people's existence and the joy of many others. The essential thing is too just have a good morning routine.
I've read so many bloggers who seem so peppy and cheerful about their mornings when the reality for myself is that my bed is just too comfortable for my own good and my alarm clock is basically my worst enemy. SO I needed a good routine, as I believe everyone does!

First off, reflect on what you need to get done in the morning. For me, I need to tidy my room a bit and a couple other chores, make my lunch, get dressed and apply a little makeup. This is just the bare essential for me. Some of you may like to throw in a little yoga, or you may have a longer beauty regime. Your going to need to find exactly how much time you need. The ridiculous thing is that again, I've read many a blogger who seems to stress that waking up at 6:00 AM will do you a world of good. No. It won't, not for everyone anyway.
Many of you, and including myself as you've seen, don't really need to get up that early. So hey hey! More sleep for you!


 For the procrastinators out there, set your alarm to 5 minutes earlier than your preferred time. Now, when the alarm goes off, just flick on your lamp (which you should keep in arm's reach anyway), and ease your self into the day.

 Tea, or some other 
caffeinated beverage of your choice. I find coffee too bitter, but whatever floats your boat.  I simply prefer green tea because coffee is too dehydrating for me though I love the invigorating smell. 

 Play some of your favorite music. And do not, I repeat do NOT just resort to the radio because the hipster music snob in me dies every time Akon yells "Damn girl!".  Anyway, houses are too quiet in the mornings, just get some happy music flowing like The Beatles, The Kaiser Chiefs (Especially 'Good Days Bad Days')and Robert Plant & Alison Krauss (ideally 'Gone Gone Gone').

 Avoid the screens people! I'm horrible for this one, but I actually do believe that you shouldn't go to check blogs or e-mail first thing in the morning. To me it seems like a distraction from an otherwise calm morning. Do you *need* to check the latest blogs at 7:15? 

 Eat. Your. Freakin'. Breakfast. Or I will hunt you down and shove an angry weasel down your pants. I for one do 
 like eating in the mornings but I know that if I skip breakfast I will be hungry in first period Math, so eat something. And it need not be "breakfast" food, do not fall into that hype. Leftovers from the night before or "salty" food is just as good as cereal, if not better.

 Water!!! Seriously, you sweat away so much water during the night and you more than likely are not going to get very hydrated between breakfast and lunch, so drink a cold glass of water when you get up. Preferably with ice-cubes. And a straw. I don't really like the "taste" that water has, but for some reason adding those two things makes it taste better. Who knew?
 In terms of makeup, not a lot. I've never been a fan of heavy eyes or faces. A light dusting of mineral foundation, maybe a light blush. First thing in the morning a lot of makeup never feels good. Open your eyes with some mascara and highlight the inner corner of your eye and your brow bone with a light shimmery champagne color. 

 Get up when the alarm goes off. Just do it. This is probably the most painful on here. I cannot help you with this one. You will have to find the will power in your own self to just GET UP! 

 Lastly, pick out a fabulous outfit while listening to your awesome music and drinking the caffeinated beverage of your choice. Seriously, wear something that makes you happy. Make a point to wear it because you like it. Not because you're afraid of nasty comments. 

So, hopefully these tips will help you love mornings to begin with, or adore them even more than you do right now.

Darlings, what helps make your mornings more manageable?


  1. This post is amazing- I like to throw a little yoga in my mornings, because mine can be relaxed. I want to try the tip about setting my alarm five minutes earlier and easing into the day- it sounds really good.

    "because the hipster music snob in me dies every time Akon yell "Damn girl!". BRB, dying. You're hilarious!

  2. (Found this via Luinae's tumblr.)What an excellent post! I am a part-time early morning person. Since I am at home doing school, I don't normally have to do so many things at once. I am going to try the tip about not immediately getting on the computer, that's my big thing in the morning!

    - Autumn

  3. @Luinae - Thank you! That tip really does work; and I'd like to think I'm hilarious as well. I'm just awesome like that. :)

    @Autumn - Lucky you being home-schooled, I wish I didn't have to deal with my classmates all the time!

  4. These pictures and post are inspirational. I know that I wish I could look as beautiful as the woman drinking tea in the mornings...instead it's more like rolling out of bed making myself a cup of tea, then the attempt at looking decent. :)

  5. I am certainly not the peppy morning blogger. My method to coping with mornings is avoidance! Sleeping through them does the trick.

    But your ideas almost make me want to get up and give them a try... almost. :)

  6. @Alyssa - Awful isn't it? she's probably one of those people who looks good after working out too. :P

    @Sarah - Ahh, sleeping through them. Your certainly a true master when in comes to sleep! ;)


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