Thursday, February 17, 2011

Reasoning For Rocking A Pixie Cut AND Extra Stuff For Those Who Have All Ready Taken the Plunge

Hi my name is Rachel and I've had a pixie cut for approximately 4 months. 

And it is freakin' awesome. Personally I think that doing this is singularly the most empowering thing ever. And plus, I just look good with it, I've gotten tons of jaw-drop reactions when I first cut it off (which is fun) and it suits the shape of my face. Something else is that I no longer have the option to do is hide behind my hair which was becoming a bad habit. Just swishing it forwards and hiding my face. 

No more, ladies, no more. 

But here's the thing. Either you have the, ahem, s'cuse my french, balls to cut it all off or you don't. Personally, I never understood the attachment many girls at my school have to their hair. They're like "Ooooooooh! I don't think I could ever cut my hair off, I cry when I trim my bangs." No seriously, someone said that to me. Here's a little known fact about hair: IT GROWS BACK. Oh my god, what?!?! GASP. No way. Seriously though, cut it off! It's fun! If you're still not convinced here are some handy, easy-to-read points that just might do the trick, and some styling ideas for those who've all ready muscled up and chopped off their locks. 

It's so much easier to care for! Just give it a wash, blow-dry, brush it forward, add a little gel or mousse and your good to go! It's hard to have a bad day with a pixie cut, because  you don't have to go through the steps of straightening or curling!

 Long, dangling earrings will look all the more fantastic now, because you can actually see them. :D

 Same goes for kickass, blinged up headbands. 

 Faux-hawks. Nuff' said on that one.

 And hats, every hat, seriously, you'll look good in them. Fedoras, berets, newsboy hats. HATS FOR ALL!

 Depending on the length, 1920's fingerwaves. Learn how to do em' or at least  a faux version cause' they look cool. Thank god for Youtube.

 Androgyny, woohoo for this one! Go all dapper dandy and give your hair a slick part, then dress in blazers, skinny trousers, flat oxfords, bow-ties and pocket watches! Or, tapered black pants, white shirt and a black leather tie and throw in some massive finger rings for fun.

 Or, go for a 1920's flapper look. Louise Brooks is a good place to start for inspiration but rock the beaded shift dress, kitten heels, long strands of pearls, a plum cardigan and super long lashes. Add a cloche too, for effect!

 This one is optional, but you know those headphones that cover your whole ear? You'll look cool and hipster with those. Just sayin'.

 Statement eye makeup stands out well, more. So swipe on some brighter colors like purple, green and maroon. Or do a bold lippie.

 Shave a pattern into it. Stars, a little heart, a pentagon or just have a your normal length blend into the shaved part in a gradient style. This one is one you may want to think carefully over before committing to but, hell, I think it'd be cool!

 There are plenty of fabulous, ahem "celebs" with who have or have had pixie cuts: Emma Watson, Winona Ryder, Halle Berry, Agyness Deyn, Mia Farrow, Kirsten Dunst,  and Natalie Portman. Inspiration, yes?

♥ If you're starting to get bored with your cut, color it! I think it depends on what you wear. If you wear a lot of black, like me, in my opinion, a true green, royal blue or scarlett red will look amazing. If you tend have a bit more of color variety in your wardrobe, or aren't willing to bleach your hair for a deep color, try dark brown, bright plum, gingery red, or caramel, maybe even a blondish-pink. But one exception that goes for both sides is white. Lean toward a golden white if you have warmer undertones to your skin, bluish or sea-foam white if you're more cool toned. 

 Get a pair of signature sunglasses, ones that you customize your self, or buy vintage. Just make sure they're unique and obviously stand out. I don't think this has much to do with a pixie cut but, but do this anyway!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

As for those of you with curly hair, I've actually seen a lot of pictures of curly-haired girlies with pixie cuts. Try browsing through the archives of fuckyeahgirls for curly haired inspiration and just general short-haired awesomeness.

So, hopefully this might convince to drink the kool-aid and join the cult. It's fun to experiment with your hair, and props to those of you have silky, super long mermaid hair too. It's all cool! :) 

Maybe this made you think you want to cut it all off? And, do any of you have any other tips for styling a pixie cut?

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  1. Your post didn't make me want to cut it all off, sorry! ;) It did make me think a second time about getting mine cut a little shorter because it's getting harder to take care of!


  2. I LOVE YOU. Haha, no, but seriously. I was actually working on a post full of short hair inspiration. And I have super curly hair, so I am always scared to do it myself, but this post was perfect for me. Thank you. I am either going to get bangs, as a transition, or just go for it and chop off all my hair. It's not that I have an attachment to my hair. It's more that I get so bored with my hair, well, everything about my looks really, so it would take a long time to grow back. But, I am strongly considering cutting it off. I even have an appointment set up! Eck! I'll keep you updated if I do :)

  3. @Autumn - Hey, like I said, all hairstyles are cool, props to you for rockin' whatever you have going right now! :D How long is yours now?

    @Courtney- Go for it! That tumblr I posted a few recent photos of girlies with curls owning a pixie cut. I think your blond curls would look fantastic this way! Boring is a problem for me though too, which I why I like the idea of shaving a gradient area in the back of my head or a solid colour dye of white or teal hair! :D White especially though! Keep me posted!

  4. I kind of want short hair- but oh, I don't know- I'm so confused- I'll have to think about it!

  5. Right now my hair is just below shoulder length. I would like to have it taken back up to mid-neck level and thinned! I do Civil War Reenacting, so it's hard for me to keep it short! Plus, I get a terrible white girl 'fro when it's short. :(


  6. Grear post, dear! I´ll get my hair cut of in 2 hours :D and then bleach it by myself just like in your first pic ^^than maybe a little bit colour, pink or plum.


  7. LOve this blog!! I am cutting my long locks off next week into a pixie cut and I am scared but stoked!

  8. Am getting a pixie cut tomo, and am scared. Your blog was such a boost.
    Am from India, so people are'nt that into short hair here(who am i kidding- They ll be like OMG! why???, in a total wierd way)
    But am still going to take the plunge.Wish me luck :D


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