Friday, January 14, 2011

2011 Style Direction: Gamine Artistique of Road 23

So, this is my first post on my blog. I've been wanting to write up a post such as this one for ages so I sat down and wrote it all in one sitting. I hope you enjoy it, and, if you`re looking for other posts of the same style I suggest both Maddie`s or Luinae`s!

This year I am a Gamine Artisque of Road 23.

             She musses up her super short, gamine pixie cut with pomegranate hair gel, and then shoves wool knit berets in black  & grey over it as she walks to school, contemplating whether or not it will rain. She outlines her hazel eyes with sparkling bronze eyeshadow and long lashes, which, invariably she will accidentally smudge in her tiredness from reading W.B. Yeats till 12:00 AM the night before.  Overlaying bright red tights with those of black lace, and a smudge of red lipstick.  Grey ankle booties with tight black corduroys and  lace shirts. She obsesses over music, listening to everything from Gilbert and Sullivan to The White Stripes, and wickedly raises her hand to having Paul Simon on her iPod when no one else does. 

            Comfortable striped knee-high socks, legs crossed while she sketches eyes in her math book. She loves the rain and cozies up on her steamer trunk and peers out the window while surfing the internet for design inspiration for her room. She tears apart her old vintage jewelry to remake to her tastes, and gently repairs broken pendants that she wear by the bunches.  Black wrap dress with chunky knit cowls and knee high boots that help her trek over sea walls to look for ocean pebbles. Double breasted coats, pockets full with milk money and the peppermints she enjoys so much. She constantly drapes scarves around her pale neck that she pairs with androgynous blazers she stole form her mother's closet. She sings constantly and loudly, and when she can't sing, hums. The fingers of her left hand are calloused from guitar playing and her nails are no-nonsense short.                                      


Earrings long enough to graze her collarbone jingle as she paints delicate water colour paintings on tiny scraps of paper. She spreads art all over one side of her room and accompanies them with strings of Christmas lights. She burns her tongue on green tea as she religiously watches the Twilight Zone, watching for a young William Shatner cameo. She will argue passionately about anything and everything; she is not known for being quiet. Whether or not gorillas are capable of true art, and the debate of humane euthanasia are just a few topics she is fond of debating. Her sarcasm is as sharp as her mind, and often escapes her balm slicked mouth.  

Black, Scarlet, Mauve, Navy&Royal Blue, Coral, Forest Green, Purple, Dove Grey.

Strong Brows float over inquisitive eyes. Stumbles in her heels, distracted by thoughts of the young Marlon Brando. Coffee in tiny demi-tasse cups as she reads wiki articles on actors of Alfred Hitchcock films.  Chiffon skirts, and pleated jersey tees, covered with sequined cardigans.  30's inspired men's sunglasses, cause' the sun ain't really her thing. She browses Etsy for mineral makeup and black corsets. Clear nights are spent star-gazing, and dreaming of backpacking across Europe, inhaling as much food as she can while doing so.Sunday is baking day & cleaning day, the only day she doesn't mind sun. Chet Baker CD's mixed up with those of Tom Waits. She greedily eyes Grado's and Sennheisser's whilst carrying her copy of “Jane Eyre” under the arm of her olive anorak. Messily dyed ginger hair and mismatched brows. 

She's a whole big contradiction, but an enjoyable one none the less.                                                                   

Flowing velvet skirts, vintage belts, Oversized cardigans, flat oxfords, clean new sketchbooks, pearls, fingerwaves, ribbed tights, skintight driving gloves,  massive black leather satchel, fedoras, matte lips, Mad Men inspired, Victorian blouses & wasitcoats, faux fur, tiny neck scarves, children book's illustrations, velvet blazers, raggedy tulle skirts, elaborate brooches, heavy brocade skirts and bare legs, men's watches, & royal blue satin. Leather pants and band tees, fuax-hawks. Rose/Honey/Nag Champa perfume. Red/Green plaid paired with sparkling crystal jewelry. Trousers and envelope clutches. Delicate Blush.

Grey, Champagne, Satiny Pink, Black, & Pale Gold eyeshadows. Raggedy tights with thigh high socks on spring evenings. Wicked and Whimsical.

So, I hope you enjoyed my first post! Now, tell me, what are your style ambitions for the new year?


P.S. If you own any of these photos, please notify me, because I`ve had these saved for awhile and I don`t know their sources. :)                            


  1. You are beyond adorable! I can't even tell you, you're so cute!

    "She musses up her super short, gamine pixie cut with pomegranate hair gel, and then shoves wool knit berets in black & grey over it as she walks to school, contemplating whether or not it will rain."- Can I marry you? That's amazing, right there.

    I just love everything about this so much!

  2. Luinae - Thank you very,very much! :D And, naturally, of course you can marry me, you just have to buy me tea first. ;)

  3. Oh I adore your blog already! And I love your pixie cut, I've always wanted to get one, but my hair is far too curly. I just love: fingerwaves, faux fur, and black corsets. Can't wait to see more! Xoxox.

  4. I love love love your blog, Rachel! I didn't know you had one, I just knew you were in the process of creating one. This was so juicy and delicious, as peculiar as it may sound. SWOON!


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